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There are actually a few funny pasasages in here. 这里的确有几篇有趣的文章
Has the little puppet. 小木偶最后
finally made herself into a real girl? 把自己变成真正的女孩子吗?
I'm tired of talking to myself. 我受不了自说自话了
Fitz. move! 菲茨,让开
Take the shot, May!-Get out of the way, Fitz! 开枪 梅 闪开点 菲茈
Just take the shot! 直接开枪
No, no, no  不不
She has Inhuman powers now? Can we get a break, please? 她现在有异能了吗?我们消停一下行吗?
Can we get one break? 喘口气行吗?
Guess they weren't assessing powers at Hydra. 看来他们在九头蛇
as much as collecting them. 收集来了异能而不只是评估
Who even knows what Hydra was doing in the Framework. 鬼知道九头蛇在框架里做什么
Oh, wait. You do, I guess, right? 等等,你知道,对吗
Sorry, I'm having trouble sorting through the…抱歉,我有点难以分辨
Two lives we lived. 我们的两重生活
You feel that, too, huh? 你也这么感觉吗?
Nice to see you again. 再次见到你真好
Actual you. 真正的你
-We're lucky we got out of there.-It wasn't luck. -能从那里出来真是太幸运了-并不是
You are only alive because I had restrictions put on me. 你能活着只是因为我受到限制无法杀你
Fortunately,those restrictions have just been lifted. 幸运的是,那些限制不存在了
Who the hell is this guy? 这家伙到底是谁
Well, you miss a fair amount, May, but the quick version is you can go ahead and shoot him. 你错过了不少,梅,不过长话短说就是你可以开枪
You are nothing now without没有神盾局的盾牌
a S.H.I.E.L.D. to hide behind. 你什么也不是
That's not all they're good for它们的用处多了去了
Robots is that a common occurrence now? 机器人现在已经这么常见了吗
Like I said, you missed a fair amount. 就像我说的,你错过了不少东西
It's good to be back. 回来挺好的
How many hits have we taken? 我们中了多少弹
-Three. The Zephyr's like a tank. -三处中弹-泽福就像个坦克
She's holding together.- Yeah, but we had to pull the plug on everything except for flight control to keep the Framework. running for you guys.- So we can't fight back.
还能撑得住-是的 但是我们之前撤销除了飞行控制以外的所以功能来保证框架运行-所以我们无法反击
Or see where it's coming from. 或者看到他们从哪飞来
Davis! Try any evasive maneuver you can! 戴维斯,尝试你所有的逃脱策略
Not the only genius to think of that, thanks, 我不是没有想过 谢谢了
but this thing also moves like a tank, so everybody get off my back. 但这架飞机移动起来也像坦克, 所以都别来打扰我
We need guns! 我们需要枪
We've got power now that these two are out, no? 这两个人出来了,我们有能量了,不是吗?
We'll head to the avionics bay and re-patch. 我们得去电子设备舱进行修补
Piper, are you up for manning the weapons? 派珀 你能配备武器吗
I'm offended you had to ask. 你问这话冒犯了我
Is Mack okey? - He's alive, yes. 迈克还好吗- 他还活着
What the hell happened? Why didn't you save him. 发生了什么 你们为什么不救他
Not now, YoYo! - Madre! 现在不是时候 悠悠球 天哪
What do we do now? 现在怎么办
Better hope Z -one can take a few more hits. 希望泽福一号能承受更多打击
Who's firing on us, anyway? 另外 谁在向我们开火
We call him the Russian. 我们称他为俄国人
'Cause, you know, he's Russian. 因为 你知道的 他来自那里
Radcliffe teamed up with him for protection. 拉德克里夫与他组队寻求帮助
After he replaced me with a robot version of myse. 在他用我的机器人替身代替了我之后
Just to clarify. The technical term is "Android," 我只是想弄清楚 应该叫人形机器人
But yeah. You remember any of that? 不过是的 你还记得那些吗
I remember getting hit in the head. 我记得头部被打了一下
Should've stayed in that damn spa. 就该待在那个该死的水疗场景里
You must've spotted the decoy right away, right? 你一定马上就发现了不对劲 对吧
Yeah. 'cause you're never robotic at all. 是的 因为你可不像机器人
Oh, really? 是吗
How long did it take you to figure it out? 你花了多久看出来的
I'm hurt, Phil. 我受伤了 菲尔
Guess we're not as close as I thought. 看来我们没有我想的那么亲近
What finally tipped it? 最后怎么看出来的
A series of events. 一系列事件
Didn't get messy between us, did it?  没影响到我们俩个吧
Messy? That's a relative term, wouldn't you say?  影响 这是相对的 不是吗
Okey. This ought to keep this door shut for a while.  好了 这能让这扇门多关一段时间了
So , how did things end with Robbie Reyes?  最后罗比•雷耶斯怎么样了
Last I remember, we were chasing down his uncle. 最后我记得 我们在追踪他叔叔
Oh, you know, guy tried to become a God,  那家伙试图成神
so we opened up a portal beneath his quantum-power cube, then Ghost Rider dragged him to another dimension with his hellfire chain. 所以我们在他的量子能立方下面开了个门 恶灵骑士用地狱火锁链把他带去了另一个维度
So, things ended well, then.  所以一切安好
Well as can be expected.  像期待中的那样好
Man, what a run.  发生了这么多
After we escape this place, -Yeah. 等我们从这里出去 是啊
we're definitely opening that bottle of Haig.  我们一定得开了那瓶威士忌
Yeah, totally. 是 一定要开
Hey, but, listen… Escape is not an option.  但是 听着 现在不能逃
Mack has to stay plugged in.  迈克得继续在框架里
If we wake him up, it'll fry his brain.  如果我们唤醒他就会烧坏他的脑子
So we need to take control of the space.  所以我们得控制这里
By force.  用武力
I can barely stand.  我都没法站起来
Yeah, well, hopefully, we won't have to do it alone.  希望我们不用孤军奋战
Help should be on the way.  帮手应该在路上了
The fire's eating our oxygen! 火在消耗我们的氧气
We're losing air, people!     空气变稀薄了 各位
Okay, if you can get the fire out, there's a thick, black power cable that runs high along the wall to the avionics bay.如果你能避开火焰 电子设备舱的高处挂了 一条很粗的黑色电缆
I need you to tear that off the wall and drag it up here so that we can 我需要你把它从墙上扯下来 拉到这里来 这样我们就能
Got it.- Oh. Well, okay, then.  拿到了 那很好